Welcome to Pure Mind

Pure Mind Addiction Rehab is dedicated to the belief that chemical dependency is a disease – chronic, progressive, and above all, treatable. Through the use of evidence-based treatment approaches, the qualified professional staff at Pure Mind provides hope for the future and a return to dignity for individuals whose lives have been ravaged by the use of alcohol and/or drugs.

A not-for-profit corporation, Pure Mind opened its doors in Upstate NY in 1990. Built specifically as an alcohol and drug treatment facility, the state-of-the-art physical plant on 33 acres of land reflects the tranquility and beauty of the surrounding countryside.  Inside, the structure is spacious and comfortable, architecturally designed in keeping with the organization’s mission statement. The tranquil rural setting offers a safe and peaceful environment to begin your road to recovery and rehabilitation from alcohol and drug abuse.


Our mission is simple:

Our Values Include:


  • compassion and hope
  • dignity and respect
  • safety and security
  • honesty and integrity
  • spirituality
  • flexibility
  • passion
  • teamwork
  • continuous quality improvement
  • patient & family centered care


To provide appropriate, cost effective care of the highest quality to alcoholics and other chemically dependent persons and their families  to achieve and maintain sobriety.

In living our mission daily, we are guided by our Pure Mind values. These not only impact our work, but are integral parts of the recovery process. For our staff, with over 400 years of continuous recovery, these are life ideals which are modeled each and every day.

Embracing the 12 Step philosophy, our bio-psychosocial spiritual model of treatment includes medical and nursing care, individual and group counseling, a family program, and a focus on teaching the skills needed to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

We hope that the information found on these pages is helpful, and hopeful, and that you will find Pure Mind to be where you, or your loved one, need to be.

We are available to answer any questions, and to assist you in any way we can.

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Our mission is to guide those struggling with addiction toward a path of lasting sobriety. As an innovative and informative recovery network, Get Treatment is an educational and guiding addiction recovery tool. Through comprehensive articles, featured treatment facilities across the country, and an accurate resource of rehabilitation listings, our goal is to empower you and your loved ones while you work to overcome the challenges presented by this devastating disease once and for all.

We believe that no matter what you have been through, there is hope for recovery. Our multidisciplinary approach to treatment is provided across all levels of care in order to ensure each patient receives the best chance of achieving sobriety. Our experienced and highly qualified professionals show their dedication to this mission by providing innovative and compassionate care to those struggling with addiction and co-existing mental health disorders.

Our purpose and drive is to provide you and your loved ones with the tools, support, information, encouragement and optimal care to achieve healing of mind, body and spirit.